Advertising Policy

Policy Statement

Cambrooks College may accept advertising that is consistent with the Cambrooks College Values, Mission and Goals. Such advertisement should enhance the access to education and training provided the College to its current and potential students.

Scope of this Policy

The scope of this policy covers advertisements on College premises, in Cambrooks College publications, public spaces Including off-the street advertising), and other online outlets (e.g. website). It equally covers the use of the Cambrooks College internal mail, voice-mail, intranet, and e-mail systems for non-Cambrooks College advertising and promotions.

Limited Electronic media advertising

Web Pages: Although there will be no non-Cambrooks College advertising on the College homepage, short-term recognition of major College donors, or event sponsors may be provided on the homepage. On other pages of the Cambrooks College web site, third-party advertising will be limited to partner/sponsor recognition, and to advertising that would be of specific value to students, employees, or other Cambrooks affiliates.  All advertising on the College web site and links to other non-College sites must be approved in advance by management.

Limited Charitable and Social Causes

The College may choose to participate or support specific charities or social causes and therefore allow for approved advertising at the college. It is not expected that the college will formally support or advocate for all charities and social causes. Therefore, advertising by charities or for charitable causes must have prior approval from management.

The College restricts and prohibits

  • Advertising that promotes or encourages alcohol or alcohol use, tobacco products or tobacco products use, firearms or weapons. The advertising of College-sponsored events that may involve the serving of alcoholare not precluded by this policy. These events may include company advertising.
  • Advertising for any product generally considered to be harmful, dangerous or illegal.
  • Advertising which perpetuates gender, cultural or racial bias or which demeans any person or group.
  • Advertising that is untruthful or misleading.
  • Advertising which might interfere with safety and or security on campus.

Legal Requirements

Cambrooks College will ensure that all legal requirements relating to advertisements are adhered to.  The College must abide by the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, Canada Brand Use Guidelines, and the Alberta ethical requirements.