Student Attendance and Participation Policy
  • Punctuality and regular attendance in class is mandatory for all students at Cambrooks College. At Cambrooks, students learn in an interactive and participative environment, that fosters collaboration, and excitement in the learning process.
  • Daily attendance by students is recorded by instructors. Students who are absent for more than three consecutive days, are required to submit a valid reason with proper documentation to the Program Manager. A reasonable excuse for an absence must describe circumstances necessitating the student’s absence (e.g. medical, family emergency, etc…). Inability to provide a valid reason/documentation may result immigration reporting, and other adverse consequences.
  • In extenuating emergency circumstances that requires a student to be absent in class, such student must inform the office as soon as possible. In such circumstances, it is the student’s responsibility to review course materials taught in their absence and be accountable to learning any missed course materials due to their absence.
  • In the case of international students, absence for 30 days, assumes withdrawal, and would be reported to Citizens and Immigration Canada for determination of status.

For the purpose of Alberta student funding, Cambrooks College considers a funded student as having withdrawn, under any of the following circumstances.

  1. As per section 6 (c) of the Alberta Institution Designation Agreement, when a student has missed five consecutive class days without contacting the institution, before or during the absence, to provide a reasonable excuse. In this case, the effective date of the student’s withdrawal is the first of the five days that the student was absent.
  2. When a student with a reasonable excuse is absent for more than 30 consecutive days, the effective date of the withdrawal is the first day during this period that the student was absent.

When a funded student withdraws from a program, he/she can return to the program on a later date, but would not be eligible for government funding.