Diploma in Medical Office Assistant

At Cambrooks College we offer the Medical Office Assistant Program that prepares our students for the real medical work environment. As a vital member of the medical office team, the medical office assistant requires theoretical and hands-on skills. Our program is designed to provide such essential skills and prepare students well for the workplace. Our 160 hours practicum exposes students to the practical aspects of the medical office assistant training, which is very essential for their success in this career path.Employment opportunities exist in doctors’ offices, hospitals, insurance offices, chiropractic office, and other medical facilities.

Program Flexibility and Start Dates

Our program is very flexible to accommodate your life and work. Students can choose full time or part time (days or evenings or weekends). Our Diploma program is completed in just 37 weeks. Our well experienced instructors are excited to provide you with a rewarding learning experience.

The Diploma Program is offered full- and part-time, and can be started in Fall semester (September) or Winter semester (January). Please, contact us or complete the application for the next admission.

Admission Requirements

*All students must complete a successful interview with the College to determine suitability for the program of interest.

Other Requirements include:

English (grade 12) and math (grade 10) or equivalent from another province, as verified by transcripts

GED (score of 450 in LA and 400 in Math)
Police Clearance
Must be 18 years of age or older

17 years of age with a high school diploma