Health Insurance Policy

Cambrooks College recognizes the need for international students to have adequate health coverage while living in Alberta. In future, the College intends to sign up for group health insurance. Currently, the following stipulates the College policy on health insurance for international students:

  1. International students whose duration of studies is 12 months or more are entitled to the Alberta Health Insurance. It is important that the student subscribes to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan as soon as they arrive in Canada. They will need an Alberta Health Care Identification Card, or another private insurance plan identification card to access the health care system – visiting a doctor or pharmacy.
  2. International students whose duration of study is less than 12 months are not entitled to the Alberta Government health insurance. Such students are advised to buy private health insurance prior to arrival at the College. In the absence of health coverage, the student would be required by the clinics to pay for consultation and treatment (which could be expensive).
  3. Cambrooks College is not responsible for assisting students in buying health insurance. However, personnel of the College can guide students on how to obtain health insurance.

Comprehensive information on Alberta Health can be found at