Policy on Academic Dishonesty

These actions are considered academic dishonesty by Cambrooks College, and are not tolerated under any circumstances:

  1. Cheating in examinations/tests and other assessments: This will result in mark deductions, warnings, and other instructor directed sanctions. Such sanctions must be reported to the Program Manager for reprimand. If a student is reprimanded three times, he/she may be subject to further disciplinary actions, such as academic probation or expulsion.
  2. Plagiarism, unapproved collaboration, use of aids that have not been expressly permitted by instructors, theft or solicitation of another student’s assignments, paperwork, tests, or personal belongings, will be treated as cheating, and may be reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities, if such action violates any Canadian law on plagiarism and copyright. If in doubt, the student should consult the appropriate government documents on copyrights or ask for clarifications from hi/her instructors.
  • Alteration of records, bribery, falsification of information, and intentionally attempting to assist another student to commit any such acts, will result in stern disciplinary actions, such as suspension, expulsion, and possible reporting to appropriate law enforcement agencies.