Policy on Academic Standing and Probation
  • A student is in good academic standing if he/she is not having three or more failed (outstanding) courses. A student who is not in good academic standing could be placed on probation, and could face possible expulsion from the College
  • Students who fail exams or practicum are given up to 3 chances to pass these exams.
  • Failure to pass any given exam or practicum after three attempts, would result in the student being placed on academic probation for one course period. During this period, the student is expected to pay 25% of the entire program fees, and retake the course(s) that were failed.
  • A student is allowed to be on academic probation only for a period not exceeding one academic year, after which the student is required to withdraw from the program. Such a student may pursue any other program in the College, if found to be qualified, and pays the appropriate fees.