International Pharmacy Bridging Classes

For PEBC Evaluation, Qualifying I & II Evaluation


  • Preparation for all competencies
  • Memory enhancers/Keys
    • Goal theory
    • Reverse logic
    • Case methodology
    • Practicing questions
    • Vicarious learning
    • Structured discussions
    • Practitioner onlineUnique teaching methodology by employing:
  • Support material


  • Understanding logic and science behind OSCE cases
  • Developing a sound art of probing, identifying, structuring response, solving and managing final impression
  • Rehearsing all categories of OSCE cases
  • Developing special techniques for tough &/or tricky cases
  • Identifying and resolving individualistic issues through development of specific strategies
  • Sharpening strengths & improving weaknesses.

Developers & Instructors

Zafar Saeed

  • Pharmacy, MBA, Master of Management, & Post-Grad Diploma in HRM
  • Taught at 4 universities and two colleges

Dr. Syed Hussain

  • RSH, FR Pharms, M phill, PhD in Pharmacology
  • More than two decades of teaching experience at medical colleges and universities


MCQ part I   $1,500

OSCE part II   $1,500

Evaluating Exam   $1,500

Previously paid course takers elsewhere $700* If taking both courses $2,500
  • Once registered can attend next session if unsuccessful for only $200
  • Specially developed material/booklet provided as part of the course
  • Mock exams and mock OSCE at the University of Calgary (optional)
  • Qualifying classes I & II start on

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