Student Conduct and Expulsion

Cambrooks College has a zero tolerance to academic dishonesty, plagiarism, the non-payment of tuition fees, harassment, abuse and /or discrimination of any form. Such conducts could result in far reaching disciplinary measures.

  • Students are required to be respectful to their peers/instructors/ and other staff of the College. Students who harass or discriminate against other students or staff are subjected to internal investigation, which could result to suspension, expulsion, and possible reporting to appropriate law enforcement agencies, where the need arises.
  • Students who knowingly misrepresent their personal information on college application forms are also subject to immediate expulsion.
  • Use of college property or computers in a manner prohibited (e.g. pornography), may result in expulsion, and could be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  • A student who willfully damages college property will be required to replace/repair such property, and may further be subjected to other disciplinary measures as may be determined by the college management.
  •  The Willful damage of college property will result in being required to make restitution to the College.